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Griffin Grant

Westminster is committed to making college affordable, so we offer Griffin Grants to Utah students whose families make less than $100K a year (based on adjusted gross income). With guaranteed scholarships and grants, you will receive $24,780 a year for four years. In addition to the income requirement, transfer students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

How to Apply


Apply for Admission

Submit your application whenever you're ready.

You'll automatically be considered for merit scholarships.


Complete FAFSA

Westminster's FAFSA School Code: 003681

This qualifies you for federal and need-based aid, including the Griffin Grant.
Learn more about the benefits of filing a FAFSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my family income goes above $100,000 after my first year?
We guarantee your scholarships and grants for four years, so they won’t change even if your family income does.
What if I don’t qualify my first year, but my family income goes below $100,000 in my sophomore, junior, or senior years?
The Financial Aid Office is happy to review and adjust your scholarships and grants if your circumstances change. Give them a call at 801.832.2500 or email finaid@westminstercollege.edu to discuss your options.
If the costs at Westminster change, do my financial aid awards change?
No, awards are guaranteed for four years and do not change over time. You can count on the same financial aid amounts for all four years.
I’ve heard about the Griffin Grant, but my family’s income is over $100,000. Do I still qualify for financial aid?
There are still plenty of options available to you. We offer academic scholarships that cover up to $18,000; performance scholarships in athletics and the fine arts; and departmental scholarships for particular areas of study. Reach out to the Financial Aid Office to learn more about what’s available.
If my family’s adjusted gross income (AGI) is below $100,000, why should I apply for any additional scholarships?
Griffin Grants cover up to $24,780 per year, but you might qualify for other scholarships that cover even more of your tuition. For example, if you have a $18,000 academic scholarship and a $10,000 athletic or fine arts scholarship, your total award would be $28,000.
I am a current student at Westminster and my family qualifies. Can I switch over to the Griffin Grant?
No, but the scholarships and grants you received when you first came to Westminster will continue across your four years. We encourage you to apply for Continuing Student Scholarships each spring semester to supplement your financial aid, or contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your options.

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