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Political science is the discipline that deals with the analysis of policy, governments, and power relations. In our political science program, you’ll examine political institutions and ideologies while personalizing your studies to meet your career goals. Our program is a blend of social awareness and problem-driven learning that prepares you for leadership positions in the complex field of politics.

Who It's For

Students who are interested in further pursuing a career in law or international organizations are highly encouraged to join our program. Our political science curriculum thrives on interdisciplinary learning, so if you are naturally curious and an independent thinker, this is the place for you.

Key Benefits

  • Our courses incorporate lively discussions with fellow classmates and professors thanks to our small class sizes.
  • Students in our program conduct and present undergraduate research either independently or in collaboration with one of our dedicated faculty members.
  • Our program works closely with other programs, allowing students to explore problems of equity, sustainability, social justice, and global engagement relevant to the realm of political science.
  • You’ll have access to study abroad and internship opportunities where you will connect with peers passionate about political engagements.

About the Program

Our curriculum combines domestic and global politics with pre-law, communication, and economics, among other courses. By merging these components with political science, our students develop the self-awareness and critical-thinking skills that will accompany them through their professional lives.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop effective communication skills and a set of theoretical tools to convey your point of view.
  • Enhance your global, social, and ethical consciousness.
  • Analyze politics and policy among local and international bodies considering education, diversity, security, and health.
  • Conduct independent research on political activity and behavior.
  • Cultivate analytical thinking skills and prepare for further study in law or graduate school.

Plan of Study

Our political science program offers three different emphases: global politics, pre-law, and a customized emphasis that allows students to combine elements of the two previous emphases. Our curriculum allows you to study politics in relation to your personal interests—guiding you towards a meaningful career. We also offer an academic minor for students interested in exploring politics in domestic and global contexts.

Sample Courses

Humanitarian Politics

This course addresses the historical transformation of laws, politics, and human rights. Students will explore some of the contemporary controversies concerning humanitarian intervention and human security on a global scale.

Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

This course analyzes cases of civil liberty and the decision-making process followed by the Supreme Court. During this course, we review the impact of the Supreme Court’s decisions on the political process of the United States and deconstruct the court as a political institution.

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Career Opportunities

Our program prepares students for the career of their choice. Many of our students have continued their education in law and graduate schools. Other students have gone on to work in government, nonprofits, and political activism.

Potential Careers

  • Further study in law or graduate school
  • International and global affairs
  • Political activism
  • Education, academia, and research
  • Mass communication
  • Nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations
  • Legislation and policy building

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Tuition and Aid

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Average Cost After Financial Aid

$14,042 ($7,021 per semester)

Cost Breakdown (2018–2019)

  • Tuition: $34,000
  • Room: $5,526
  • Board: $3,164

Financial Aid

Average Total Financial Aid

$27,834 (merit scholarship, work-study, grants and loan funds)


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