Geology students in the field

About the Geology Program

Our mission is to guide students in learning about the earth’s dynamic past through the exploration of its present landscape.

Geology students in the field

Four Years in the Field

Westminster College sits on the boundary where the mountains meet the desert. Depending on the direction you choose, you can drive an hour from campus and find yourself standing 10,000 feet up in the Wasatch Mountains, walking in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats, or looking over the edge of one of the largest mines in the world. The Westminster College geology program takes full advantage of the college’s amazing location by incorporating significant field experience into each of our classes. On any given day as a geology major, you may find yourself collecting mineral samples, mapping earthquake faults, measuring river flows, or following dinosaur tracks. 

Research Opportunities

Beyond our unparalleled access to inspiring geology, the geology program provides students with the mentoring and resources they need to ask new questions about the earth and find their own answers. Our facilities include:

  • Fully equipped rock-prep lab
  • Microscopy facilities
  • Rock-crushing lab
  • High-speed computer lab

Our geology students have presented their work at local, regional, and national conferences.


Recent Field Trips


Igneous Geology in the Mineral Mountains


Glacial Geomorphology in the Bear Lake Valley


Dinosaur Trackway Paleontology in Moab


Volcanic Geology in Hawaii

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Dave Goldsmith

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Tiffany Rivera

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