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The Data Science minor is designed to help students develop the ability to use data to answer research questions and make predictions and decisions. In addition to core classes that give a foundation in math, computer science, and statistics, students will select an emphasis in one of these three areas to gain more depth. The program culminates in a capstone project that requires students to apply their data knowledge to a project related to their major or another area of interest.

About the Program

What You'll Learn

  • Apply data analysis to solve real problems and make predictions in real world contexts.
  • Scrape, clean, process, and evaluate the validity of data from publicly available sources.
  • Explore and contrast different methods of data visualization.
  • Employ novel and flexible strategies for attacking real-world issues.
  • Effectively work in teams to use data science.
  • Leverage unique talents and skills in a group setting to make the whole better than the sum of its parts.
  • Discuss data and conclusions using effective verbal presentation and written explanation.
  • Apply data analysis to better understand real problems around the globe.
  • Consider the ethical ramifications of gathering, storing, and analyzing data.

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