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Tristan and friend hiking along snowy ridge in the Wasatch Mountains

Tristan—class of 2019

Tristan Johnson
Major: Theatre Performance (Plus Master of Arts in Teaching Graduate Program)
Hometown: Boise, ID/Hunstville, AL

When he first decided to study theater in college, Tristan Johnson began looking at big universities with huge theatre departments. “What I was looking for in a theatre program was a family,” says Tristan. “But I didn’t find that at the bigger schools. It was cutthroat and competitive.”

Then he came to Westminster to audition for a theatre scholarship. “All the professors—and even the other students auditioning with me—clearly wanted me to succeed. I’d never felt that before.”

“I know if I succeed or if I fail, my professors are here for me.”
Tristan and professor rehearsing play on stag
“There is nowhere on campus I don’t feel like I belong.”
Tristan and professor hugging after rehearsal

Tristan has a small stutter, and when he auditioned at Westminster, the theatre professors asked him directly but empathetically if it hindered his acting practice. Tristan was grateful for the frank question and the subsequent support.

“My professors tell us that we all will each other to succeed. We’re like a family.”

He’s found that his stutter disappears when he steps onto the stage and inhabits a character. “That’s why I love this school,” he exclaims. “Because I know if I succeed or if I fail, my professors are here for me.”

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