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Graduate Degree
Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business, Center for Innovative Learning
6 Semesters


The skills obtained with a MBA are crucial for achieving your career goals, but what happens when life and professional commitments get in the way? Westminster College's Project-based MBA program is designed for those who want to master the abilities executives need to become leaders in their respective fields from the comfort of their homes. In this program we understand that what you know is important but that what you can do with what you know is crucial to your success.

Who It's For

The Project-Based MBA is perfect for working professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career. Since the course is online, you can learn at the times that better accommodate to your schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Instead of taking courses, you will be requested to complete cross-disciplinary projects
  • Further enhance the abilities you already have
  • While working on a project, you will have a full-time Westminster College faculty member who will serve as your coach to help you build your knowledge
  • Learn using cutting-edge education technology

How Long It Takes

Students can complete the program in 18-24 months, depending on their availability, drive, and focus. Since you are moving at your own speed (within a semester), you have the option of moving faster through the projects.

"The MBA is about self-discovery, networking, and crafting a personal learning plan that makes sense for your career or entrepreneurial goals. Professors and business mentors at Westminster are ready and interested in helping craft this type of individualized learning. Westminster is the only school in the Intermountain West that provides this type of MBA. I was not interested in moving lockstep through a prescriptive program toward some uninteresting large-company job; I wanted a clear and high quality return on my investment shaped around my interests and career growth. Westminster created that experience."

Brian Wierman, '09

About the Program

What You'll Learn

Being an executive is not just about business concepts, it's also about managing projects, leading teams, facilitation, negotiation, presentation ability, writing ability, and so on. By completing projects you will build, learn and apply skills in these different areas.

Plan of Study

During the program, you are requested to complete 25 different projects. When you've completed these 25 projects, you will demonstrate your expertise on over 80 different business and executive skills, often multiple times. Since each project is directly connected to a subset of business/executive skills, you will have mastered everything a traditional MBA program student knows and far beyond.

The projects you are completing look just like the work executives do on a day-to-day basis:
  • External firm analysis
  • Segmenting and targeting markets
  • Industry financial analysis
  • Process review and revision
  • Corporate governance and fiduciary responsibility
  • Internal firm analysis
  • Developing and implementing strategy
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business Plan for a new product or service (for your firm or for a firm you'd like to start)
  • Financial pro-forma for new products/services

Start Date

May, August, and January

Sample Courses

Consumers in Markets:

Learners use quantitative tools to analyze markets, including price determination, consumer preferences, and other factors that influence markets and demand. Learners segment and target populations within markets.

Learners will:
  • Develop marketing plans for new products/services in new markets, analyzing both national and international factors.
  • Evaluate and develop customer relationship management programs for firms.
  • Create marketing dashboards to evaluate marketing effectiveness, establishing metrics and evaluating performance.
  • Lead teams, negotiate, manage projects, and facilitate meetings.
  • Present ideas to multiple audiences.

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There's No Better Investment Than You

Tuition and Fees

39 credits at $1,442/credit

$56,238 all-inclusive price

Our fixed price model means that you know the full price of the program at the beginning. All class materials, fees, evening parking, books, and a required 10-day international context tour are included in the fixed price. There are no annual tuition increases in the Westminster MBA program. Tuition is locked for 5 years once enrolled. The price is truly fixed.


Merit scholarships, alumni scholarships, and loans are available.

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Application Deadlines

Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.

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