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Master of Arts
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Our Master of Arts in Teaching program is for those who want to go beyond teaching and become a highly qualified, sought-after, and impactful teacher. Our students are certified to teach the moment they graduate, and can specialize to focus on elementary education, secondary education, and/or special education. You will learn from faculty who have spent years in the classroom and gain hands-on skills in a student-teaching environment. When you step into your new career, you’ll already be a step ahead of the competition.

Who It's For

This program is designed for students who have recently graduated or those who have completed their undergraduate degrees and may have spent a few years in the workforce already. It’s designed for those who are passionate about teaching, shaping young lives, and ultimately changing the world.

Key Benefits

  • See the whole picture. There's no program quite like this in the state of Utah: you'll gain a holistic, liberal arts-influenced education that has a focus on student learning.
  • Be hands-on. We offer small class sizes, experienced professors, student-teaching assignments in the community, and interactive learning activities. It all adds up to better-prepared educators.

How Long It Takes

Students can complete this program in three to four semesters, depending on their course load.

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About the Program

Set yourself up for a meaningful and successful teaching career through an active learning environment that includes discussions, group activities, presentations, and projects. Through our Funds of Knowledge and Travel Seminar program, students enhance their teaching ability and knowledge of cultural importance by experiencing Latin America's history and literature firsthand. Recent destinations have included Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

What You'll Learn

  • Gain teaching strategies from practitioners who intimately know the classroom environment.
  • Emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge to have a profound impact on our community's future through our children.

Plan of Study

  • You can obtain one of three different licenses: elementary education, secondary education, or special education.
  • An additional offering unique to our program is the chance to earn dual licensure in general and special education, or even pair your license with TESL endorsement or a Montessori certificate.

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Career Opportunities

Potential Careers

  • Our graduates are well respected and highly sought after in both Utah and around the country.
  • Choose the setting and students you'd like most to work with, whether it's young children in an elementary school setting, teens in their secondary education years, special education students, or English language learners.

"I was able to start teaching—and get paid for it—while studying teaching. I have been extremely successful thus far in my teaching career. My evaluations have all been superior and I feel like I owe that success to the education I received at Westminster."

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Tuition and Fees

We're on your team before you even get here. We know you want an education where you matter—a place that will serve as a launchpad for a successful career and a meaningful life. We'll work with you individually through every step of the financial aid process. We're familiar with the student loans available for graduate students, as well as student loan forgiveness opportunities for educators. From scholarships to grants and loans, we help you make it happen.

Tuition includes all program costs, including a trip and access to all program functions.

Elementary MAT

45 credits at $695/credit

$31,275 total tuition

Secondary MAT

39 credits at $695/credit

$27,105 total tuition

Special Education MAT

48 credits at $695/credit

$33,360 total tuition

Financial Aid

The federal government offers graduate student loans. In addition, there are some forgivable loans available through the Stafford Loan program and grants through the TEACH grant program. Please contact Westminster's Financial Aid Office for more specific information regarding tuition and loans.

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Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis.

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