Resident Advisors


Resident Advisors over see approximately 35 students who live in their residence halls. They perform weekly on-call duties, help with check-in/out, coordinate hall programs, mediate roommate conflicts, and hold monthly hall meetings. As the eyes and ears of the Office of Residence Life, these peer leaders work hard to provide a safe, secure, and academic environment in the residence halls and to build a positive social environment for students to live in.

Being a Resident Advisor is a difficult job but also very rewarding. Many RAs enjoy building a sense of community among their residents and working with diverse people. They learn how to balance various aspects of their lives and resolve concerns over school, life, relationships, and residents.

However, this job is not for everyone. RAs must be willing to give up personal time and space. They must also make sacrifices for others. The RA position is a true learning experience. The benefits, growing experiences, and new friendships make this tough job worth doing!

Resident Advisor Programming

Our Resident Advisor staff works diligently to come up with programs for their residents. The RAs host programs both individually and partnered with other RAs and campus resources throughout the school year.

Hall Programs

Programs in the halls range across the spectrum from social to educational to diversity and much more!

Past Programs

  • "Pet Rock Door Stops" in September on Jake's floor where residents on the third floor of Carleson Hall decorated rocks to hold their doors open on their floor and encourage residents to be social.
  • Or "Karaoke Night" with the RAs in Olwell. Student's living in all areas of campus came and sang their hearts out for everyone in attendance.
  • Join Cozy on the third floor of Hogle for "Identity Pizza." Talk about who you are as a person and eat some delicious pizza.
  • Come and hang out with Andrea for "Family Dinner Night." Make a great meal with the RA and then just talk and get to know one another.
  • Smash gourds with Adam at "Gourd Baseball" to relieve some stress. Hit gourds with a baseball bat to minimize the stressors that may be impacting your life.

Apply to Become an RA

Application and Job Description for 2018–2019

To apply, you must fill out the following forms.

  • Application
  • Essays
  • RA Recommendation
    This form is designed for a current RA to fill out and talk a little bit more about you as a candidate for the RA position.
  • Other Recommendations
    This form is for members outside the Office of Residence Life to tell us more about your work and how you may or may not fit in the RA position. Please make sure to send this form to two people.

Who is Your RA?

Hogle Hall

  • Nicole

    Nicole Tyler

    Hogle 1
    Pronouns: t

    Nicole Tyler is a Pisces who grew up in Logan, Utah. They moved to Salt Lake City in 2014 to study English and Psychology. Nicole enjoys cats, poetry and coloring. They are a writing consultant at the Writing Center and president of the Westminster Slam poetry club. Outside of school or work, they can be found avoiding adult responsibilities by watching RENT or napping. This is Nicole's third year returning to the RA staff to work with first year students and they can't imagine their life without this experience. They started their Westminster journey in Hogle Hall and are happy to be full circle in their final year at the college. Nicole loves meeting new people and spontaneous adventures, so if you see them around don’t hesitate to say hi, introduce yourself, and chat for a while!

  • Evan

    Evan Rist

    Hogle 2

    Evan grew up in the small town of Pepperell Massachusetts. He is a sophomore currently studying flight operations, and made the decision to come to Utah to gain his independence. Evan loves to get to know people and is a team player, which is why he decided to become a residential advisor! He is a bit of a clean freak, with the exception of his bedroom, which usually looks like a natural disaster. He goes above and beyond for not only his own residents in Hogle, but any resident he comes across.

  • Alison-Mcdowell

    Alison McDowell

    Hogle 3

    Alison is from the quaint, farming town of Loma, Colorado. She grew up riding and showing horses. She loves spending time outside camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, fishing, hunting, 4-wheeling, hiking, playing with her dogs, and star gazing. But, also appreciates binge watching Netflix or Disney movies with lots of popcorn and ice cream. Alison is majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has big plans to travel the world after graduating and wants to make a difference in every life she touches. Getting the chance to be a part of the Res Life Staff is exciting for Alison, because as a transfer student she knows the great potential this school holds and wants to help all students make this place their home away from home.

Carlson Hall

  • Mariela

    Mariela Vazquez

    Carleson 2
    she/her/hers they/them/theirs

    Mariela hails from a small ski bum town in Teton Valley, ID. Ironically, she does not enjoy snow— she does not like being cold. She thinks of herself as an inside cat during the cold season, but during the summer and early autumn, she definitely tries to soak up as much sun as possible. In a snapshot, she is a person that loves radical ideas and books, makeup, cats, food, and the relationship between procrastination and Netflix. Currently, she is a senior studying Sociology and Gender Studies, which has proven to be perpetually fascinating and challenging. Mariela decided to take on the role of Resident Advisor as a means to allow herself to grow into the Westminster community in a new form that has challenged her in the best ways.

  • Gaurav

    Gaurav Pandey

    Carleson 3

    Gaurav is a First-year Resident Advisor from Kathmandu, Nepal. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand and lived there for five years. He is a Sophomore at Westminster majoring in Neuroscience with pre-med track. He is a member of QUARC (Quantitative Analysis and Research Co-op) which is the college's statistical group of student consultants working on data aspects for various projects. His favorite food is Nepali food and he can never get enough of it. In his spare time, he likes to watch soccer, watch Netflix, travel and hangout with friends. If you cannot find Gaurav elsewhere, he can be found in Meldrum!

Olwell Hall

  • Max

    Max White

    Olwell 1

    Max is a sophomore at Westminster and alongside being an RA, is an officer on the honors council and an officer on Westminster’s Mock trial team. Max is currently studying economics and philosophy and he loves food, art and good company. Max is looking forward to being more involved with the Westminster community because it is the best community.

  • Katy-Molinari

    Katy Molinari

    Olwell 2

    Katy was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to Utah her sophomore year of high school. She is currently a second-year Honors student studying Public Health. She hopes to pursue a career in health education and promotion. She found her love of education by teaching sex-ed through Students for Choice at Westminster. She enjoys dance cardio, spending time with friends and family, binge watching Netflix, and playing with one of her six pets. Katy is excited to be a Resident Advisor because she wants to ensure that first-year students have a wonderful experience starting a new chapter of their lives!

  • Riddhi

    Riddhi Rampeearee

    Olwell 3

    Riddhi is currently a senior majoring in Math minoring in Economics at Westminster College. She is from Mauritius. She works as a Circulation Lead Assistant in Giovale Library and is part of the QUARC (Quantitative Analysis and Research Corporative). She loves reading, listening to music and travelling. One of her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Feel free to come and talk to her!

Behnken Hall

  • Melissa

    Melissa Salguero

    Behnken 1

    Melissa Salguero is a sophomore studying Theatre Performance and English. She is super excited to be an RA this year in Behnken hall and looks forward to having an excuse for staying up until 2am (because apparently Gilmore Girls isn’t sufficient). When not working at her job in Giovale Library fixing computers, Melissa can be found in the pit of Jewett, making puns on Snapchat, belting show tunes, and writing poetry.

  • Dagny

    Dagny Helander

    Behnken 3

    Dagny is from Colorado, which she considers to be the homeland of breathtaking sunset views and fourteeners, although Utah is definitely up there in the sunset category! Her interests include but aren’t limited to spending countless hours in Meldrum using her brain to study the brain (Neuroscience), exploring and running through Sugarhouse and downtown SLC, being involved in student life on campus, hiking/skiing the Cottonwood Canyons, and re-watching 1 or 10 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. She is passionate about helping others and has a lifetime goal of going into medicine. Taking on the Resident Advisor role has been one of the best decisions of her college career as it keeps her on her toes and she gets to know fantastic individuals of the Westminster student body on a personal level. Whether it’s to chat, laugh, cry, or vent about a day in the life of college or to debate why dark chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination of flavors to ever grace the Earth, she is ready to welcome you with open arms!

  • Ali-Elmen

    Ali Elmen

    Behnken 2

    Hi, my name is Ali and I am the 2nd floor RA of Behnken. I am from Kearns Utah which is in Salt Lake City. I love dogs and my family. My family consists of 2 sisters, a brother and my mom. I love all of the seasons except winter. I am so excited to start my journey as an RA.

Stock Hall

  • Emma

    Emma Arenas

    Stock 1

    Emma is currently a junior studying English. She is from Southern California and loves good Mexican food and the beach. She loves community service and has a desire to do good in the world. She is also a Westminster Ambassador and works for the Center for Civic Engagement. She played tennis for 15 years, loves to watch hockey, is an unofficial superfit model, and plays the guitar.

  • Diwas Poudel

    Diwas Poudel

    Stock 2

    Diwas is a First-year Resident Advisor from Bhairahawa, Nepal. He is a Sophomore at Westminster majoring in Computer Science with minor in Data Science. He works as Web and Interaction Designer for Office of Communication, Web Developer of Westminster's Academic Journal, The Myriad and Research Assistant for Intro to CS POGIL. Along with that, he is one the members of Griffin Quest and have been involved with ASW as First-year Senator. In his spare time, he likes to travel, meet and talk to people and be on his computer when no one is around.

  • Luisa

    Luisa Rusta

    Stock 3

    Luisa is a pre-med senior studying biology and chemistry. She is from Berlin, Germany, where she attended a Russian Embassy school. She is on the Westminster college Cheer team and loves promoting school spirit at the games and in the residence halls! Luisa works at the Office of Residence Life as an office assistant. She loves plants, drawing, reading, and hiking in forests. Her favorite food is spaghetti, so if you want any, just let her know, she’ll probably already have some ready.


  • Cozy

    Cozy Huggins

    Century Apartments
    she/her/hers they/them/theirs

    Cozy is a senior pursuing a degree in political science with a minor in gender studies. This is her third year as an RA but first year with upper classmen. She also works for the office of residence life as an assistant. Cozy is a Be a Human coordinator and is especially proud of her activism in the LGBTQ+ community. After graduation, Cozy has plans to pursue a masters in higher education and student affairs. When she's not running around trying to catch Pokemon, she can be found in the Bassis Center drinking London fogs, or rooting for the Utah Utes, Utah Jazz, and San Francisco Giants.

Westminster on the Draw

  • Dallas

    Dallas Degan

    Draw 5

    Dallas is a third year student from Loomis, California, studying Physics with a chemistry minor. He loves his family and trying new things. He plays soccer and has tried many other sports - wrestling, baseball, cross country and more.  He loves being active and outside, but also loves watching Netflix and eating ice cream just as much. Always eager to learn new things and see what the world has to offer; he is looking forward to being an RA.

  • Katelynn

    Katelynn Killian

    Draw 6

    Katelynn is a second year Dance major, born and raised in Utah. She enjoys going to all the dance performances in town, reading fiction novels, listening to old school soul music(dig it!), and traveling as much as her bank account lets her. Katelynn is an avid animal lover with home having four horses, five chickens, and a dog; sorry cat lovers. Known to all of her friends by her fierce coffee addiction she is always down for some solid conversation and a cup of coffee. If you ever cannot find Katelynn she is probably in a dance studio or somewhere in Jewett. She is super excited to get to know everyone on her floor and create some cool connections through being a resident adviser.

  • Alyson

    Alyson Pinkelman

    Draw 7

    Alyson Pinkelman is a sophomore from Las Vegas, Nevada where she attendend Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. She is currently a double major in vocal performance and public health. She enjoys skating, hiking, eating, singing and overall adventuring. She is currently employed at Westminster's Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center (HWAC).

  • Josie-Stoker

    Josie Stoker

    Draw 4

    Josie has been in the Salt Lake area her entire life and is now a first-generation college student and McNair Scholar studying economics with a double-minor in political science and applied mathematics. This is her third year at Westminster and her second year as an RA. Josie works in ASW, is a casual gym rat, and an avid enjoyer of music and viewer Netflix. She also loves writing and is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center at Westminster College. If you can’t catch her on campus, she is probably pretending to be asleep, actually asleep, or working off-campus at her job at a Utah-based solar company. When she grows up, Josie would like to be a college professor in human relations and social policy. Josie is known for being historically bad at responding to texts and laughing at her own jokes.

Residence Life Professional Staff

  • Sierra-Krippner

    Sierra Krippner

    Coordinator of Residence Life

    Sierra was born and raised in Tooele, Utah, with her four sisters. She received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. While there, she worked as a Resident Advisor for three years and fell in love with building community and supporting students. Sierra loves coffee so much so that her senior design project was sustainably brewing it via magnets. She is passionate about the outdoors and photography and can regularly be found playing board games, darts, or basketball.