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Are you interested in joining clubs? Do you want to get started on a cool building service project? Are you motivated to find where you fit in on campus?

As a Westminster Campus Resident, you are invited to participate in the Connection Communities Program. Connection Communities will help you find exactly what you're looking for by placing you on a floor together with people who are inspired by the same things you are and want to do something about it.

Connection Communities aren't just clubs. They are an opportunity to live your passions and connect with others who have the same motivations that you have.

At Westminster, we live to connect.

The Diversity Floor seeks to create a supportive environment for students who are historically underrepresented in higher education as well as those who wish to promote diversity and inclusion on Westminster's campus and the wider community.

This floor will engage residents in culturally relevant experiences on and off campus and also seeks to take part in a larger conversation about power and privilege. An example of a program the community might participate in would be taking a field trip to explore Salt Lake's different cultural diversity centers.

The Eco Living floor will provide students with opportunities to make personal efforts toward sustainability in their everyday lives and in the Westminster community. Students living in this community could expect to participate in events such as the Climate March, the 4-Liter Challenge, listening to guest speakers, as well as visiting Westminster's own organic garden.

Explore the Arts at Westminster, in Sugar House, and across Salt Lake! The brand new Arts Connection Community will serve to provide students an interdisciplinary learning experience by connecting residents to arts programs throughout the community. Students pursuing any degree in any field are encouraged to come and experience interdisciplinary learning through the arts.

The Outdoor Recreation (OR) floor will emphasize community building and access to local outdoor adventures. With the support of the Outdoor Program, events will be both recreational and educational in nature. Residents on the OR floor might experience the activities that the Outdoor Program has to offer in addition to service work and special on-campus events. Some of these programs might include hikes, snow shoeing, rock climbing, etc.

The Wellness Floor provides a community for students interested in overall healthy living to form a community and support for one another. Healthy living can mean multiple things to different people so students living in this community are encouraged to take part in new experiences. Possible activities that students may be involved in are visiting the local farmer's marker, attending the wellness fair, learning about healthy treats and food choices, as well as different fitness classes or methods of exercise.

The Service Learning Floor will foster a community of students who are interested in community involvement, volunteering, and making a difference. This floor seeks to provide service opportunities and resources that will be fun and educational, giving students a lasting passion for civic responsibility. Students living in this community could expect to be volunteers with non-profit organizations that relate to their passions, attend social awareness events, and engage with the Civic Engagement Center.

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