Walkways to Westminster

Walkways is a college access program for first-generation, underrepresented, 8 to 12th-grade youth from Promise South Salt Lake. The Walkways program mentors both youth and their families about the steps it takes to obtain higher education.

Westminster College student mentors strive to keep Walkways students and families connected to a college-going culture with hands-on activities and resources that encourage them to prepare for life after high school.

Walkways scholars

Walkways to Westminster offers a supportive environment that ensures a successful transition from high school to Westminster College. The program seeks to challenge, support and nurture the academic, and personal growth of the Walkway Scholars. Each Walkway Scholar will be afforded the opportunity to achieve collegiate success through the Walkways program that will allow them to maximize their intellectual, and social development.

The Walkways to Westminster Program and its Scholars are not your average group, they are above average. They know that to be successful they must never settle for mediocrity—as scholars, as leaders, or as individuals.

Who Is A Walkways Scholar?

  • Students with families that don't have a college-going tradition
  • Low to middle-income families that reside in the South Salt Lake area
  • High school students that will be in grades 10–12 next fall
  • Students who are committed to being successful and developing their talents and abilities to their full potential
  • Students who are and will be positive influences in their communities

Why College?

The Walkways program will introduce families to the value of higher education. It will bring to light all of the opportunities that college offers and why it is important to the success of students and their families.

Paying for College

Learn how to apply for federal student aid and how to find scholarships that are available to you.

Navigate the College Application

The Walkways program will help students navigate the college application process including filling out applications, dates, and deadlines and making sure all necessary documents are submitted.

Academic Preparation

Students will be given the opportunity to prepare for college-level work through courses in English, math, writing, critical thinking skills and standardized test preparation.

The College Transition

Through the Walkways program, students will start to develop a clear understanding of their personal learning strengths and needs, and discover what resources are available to them to make their transition from high school to college successful.

Walkways to Westminster program is a college access program working with first-generation, underrepresented 9 to 12th-grade youth from Promise South Salt Lake. The Walkways program entails mentoring both the youth and their families about the steps it takes to obtain higher education.

What is required?

  • Team Building: Work together as a group with your mentees. The emphasis is on the team, not on the individual
  • Dependability: I am expected to be present and on time for all Mentoring Sessions, Planning and Processing (P&P) Sessions, and other obligations that may arise
  • Honesty and Integrity: As a role model, It will help set a standard for younger students in the ways they respect and treat each other
  • Decision Making: I will model positive decision-making skills to the program facilitator, other mentors, and to my mentees

Job Specifics

  • 45 hours of hands-on mentoring that will equal to 3 hours every other week (see schedule) predominately on Fridays with 2 Saturday events
  • Around two hours of required mentor training
  • Around one hour of planning time a week and prep work for events. (this can be done on your own time)