Dumke Faculty

Faculty Opportunities

Course Designation

Reimbursement (up to $250)

Submit a check request and itemized receipts associated with the project when completed.

Explain the successes and challenges of your civic engagement project due before the beginning of the next semester.

Checklist to consider before engaging in a project off campus

  1. Check with/inform the Dean of your college
    • Decide on transportation
    • Vans need to be reserved well in advance with Holly Patterson hpatterson@westminstercollege.edu
    • If transporting student in your private vehicle, you must be a certified driver and register your personal insurance as the primary insurance
    • If transporting students in a Westminster vehicle, you must be a certified driver. Contact Holly Patterson hpatterson@westminstercollege.edu. for van certification information
    • Students should not be asked to car pool other students to an off campus site. Students can be told the class destinations but not given transportation options
  2. Check on background checks for the place where your students will do the service
  3. If students are doing an overnight travel experience, they need show personal insurance and sign a waiver

WCore Civic Engagement Learning Community

Create a faculty learning community that supports faculty in creating a WCore course/syllabus
with a civic engagement component.


  • Create deeper understanding of meaningful civic engagement
  • Increase WCore courses with a civic engagement designations
  • Support faculty in meeting the criteria for the WCore
  • Provide a forum for sharing innovative ideas


  • First organization meeting will occur at the beginning of November
  • Learning community will meet 4
  • 5 times during the academic year

$1000 Stipend for Faculty Members

  • Attend each meeting
  • Develop and submit (March, 2016) a WCore course/syllabus with a civic engagement component