WordPress Instructions

A. Create Your WordPress Account

  1. Visit the E-Portfolio Login page
  2. Click on Login (green button at top right corner)
  3. Use your Westminster username and password to login
  4. Select Dashboard—My Sites (left-hand side navigation)
  5. Select the Add New button at the top of the page
  6. Site Name: Type your Westminster username
  7. Site title: Type your full name
  8. Privacy: Allow search engines to index this site: Choose No
  9. Click on "Create a new site" at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! You have a WordPress account.

B. Upload Your Artifacts and Reflections

Return to the E-Portfolio Login page

It will take you to the page below.

Login with your Westminster username and password.

Eportfolio Login

After you are logged in, it will take you to this page.


  • Go to My Sites
  • Click on Visit (under your name)

After you click on Visit, it will take you to your live ePortfolio website.

Eportfolio Account

Select College-Wide Learning Goals in the top navigation to open the submenu. Select a desired learning goal to upload your artifacts and reflections.

Eportfolio Cwlg

You will be taken to a new page that has a short description of a specific CWLG. This is where you will be submitting your artifacts and reflections for this CWLG.

Select the Edit button to the right of the page title.

Eportfolio Critical Thinking

This will bring you to the Edit Page screen.

Highlight the "hyperlink or embed your artifact" text, as shown below.

With the text higlighted, click on "Add Media" to upload your artifact.

Eportfolio Page Edit

Click on "Upload Files" at the top of the page and then tap on "Select Files.' Select your file to upload, then click on "Insert into page" at the bottom.

Eportfolio Insert Media

Your file should be uploaded now. Make sure it is right next to the respective artifact or reflection that you are uploading for. You can access it by clicking on the blue link. When you are finished uploading files, click the green "Update" button so that your artifact is saved.

Eportfolio Artifact Link

Congratulations you have uploaded your artifact!

Now follow the same procedure for all other artifacts and reflections.

C. Upload the Final Reflection

Remember! This "Reflection" section is only used for "Final reflection" for "Senior Portfolio" (senior year).

Select Reflection in the top navigation.

Click on the Edit button.

Eportfolio Upload Reflection

This will take you to the Edit Page screen.

You can either write your reflection here or upload your reflection file the same way you upload your other artifacts and reflections. Make sure to click "Update" when you are finished.

Eportfolio Reflection


You can also customize your E-portfolio account the way you want.

Click on Customize in the top toolbar.

Eportfolio Customize

Here you can change your font color, upload your picture, write a short bio and many more. Just play with it!

Eportfolio Customizer

When you're done, don't forget to go to your E-Portfolio 2016 CANVAS page!