Facilities Use Policy and Guidelines


Westminster College facilities and grounds are frequently used for the purpose of staging events that support the institution’s mission and vision. College facilities are not available for unrestricted use. However, these facilities may be used by internal or external individuals, groups or organizations, as well as affiliated groups of the college, provided that one or more of the following conditions apply:

A proposed event should

  1. Support the academic programs and mission of the college
  2. Advance the interests of the college
  3. Benefit students
  4. Promote the general visibility of the college, bringing favorable notice or publicity
  5. Promote the relationship of the college with existing and potential donors and benefactors
  6. Provide opportunity for community outreach
  7. Represent an opportunity for revenue enhancement

In addition, the following factors must also be considered in the scheduling of any campus events.

  • Required logistical, material and technical support is available.
  • The event should be within the scope and parameters of the intended use of the desired facilities. Required staffing and technical support for the event must be available, either internally or contractually and subject to the approval and supervision of appropriate college personnel who are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the space.
  • The proposed event fits seamlessly into the scheduled use of facilities and campus-wide operations.
  • The efficient operation of our facilities is of paramount concern. Proposed events may not impede, inconvenience or displace academic activity or in any way compromise daily college functions. In order to ensure that events showcase the college in a favorable manner while ensuring public safety, the scheduling of facilities will be managed to minimize spatial conflict and overcrowding of campus resources (including parking, space capacities, reasonable access for persons with disabilities, availability of rest facilities etc.).
  • The goals of the Auxiliary, Conference and Event Services Office are to effectively manage the use of college facilities and to provide opportunities for community organizations to visit and use our campus while facilitating use by internal constituent groups.

Scheduling Procedures

All prospective users of campus facilities must submit requests through the Office of Campus Scheduling online or by phone, 801.832.2520.

Approval and confirmation by Office of Campus Scheduling must be received before an event is planned or publicized.

Prospective users should be prepared to supply the following information when completing requests for campus space:

  • Type of function
  • Desired facility
  • Department or organization
  • Contact person(s)
  • Date(s), start-times and duration of event
  • Possible alternate dates
  • Expected attendance
  • Anticipated set-up, technical, food service and other logistical needs.

Prospective use of some campus facilities may also require the completion of a Technical Rider, available from the Conference Services and Scheduling Office. These facilities include, but depending on the type of event may not be limited to:

  • Vieve Gore Concert Hall
  • Jay Lees Courage Theater
  • Dumke Student (Black Box) Theater
  • Gore School of Business Auditorium

All requests for campus facilities, as well as accompanying Technical Rider (if applicable), must be received by the Campus Scheduling Office at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the planned event for internal campus requests and at least fifteen (15) calendar days in advance for external requests. Proposed events of significant scale may require additional lead time.

Rental Fees and Billing

Users of Westminster College space and grounds are divided into three categories:

  1. Westminster College Sponsored Events.
  2. Non-profit organizations, schools, Local, State or Federal Government.
  3. Cultural, educational or training activities not created by Westminster college but which are deemed appropriate activities to be held at the college and are typically administered by profit-oriented organizations.

Category 1 users are not assessed space rental fees but may be responsible for any direct expenses including personnel, equipment/materials and associated costs to operate the facility.

Category 2 users will be charged discounted space rental fees according to the college’s Facilities Fee Schedule and may also be responsible for any direct expenses or associated costs. Category 2 users may also be required to provide the college with a Certificate of General Liability Insurance depending on the nature of the activity and at the college’s discretion.

Category 3 users will be charged full space rental fees according to the college’s Facilities Fee Schedule and may also be responsible for any direct expenses or associated costs. Category 3 users may also be required to provide the college with a Certificate of General Liability Insurance depending on the nature of the activity and at the college’s discretion.

Rental fees represent a “four walls” rental, or basic use of space. Other fees may be assessed for staffing, technical support and use of equipment. The college requires that adequate levels of technical and house support by qualified college personnel are to be staffed and compensated and these costs passed on to the lessee.

Space rental and other fees for Category 2 and 3 users may be waived at the discretion of the President, Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Provost. Prospective users desiring a waiver of these fees should submit a letter to the Auxiliary and Conference Services Office stating why they believe these fees should be waived.

Faculty, staff and alumni are eligible, based on the nature of the activity (general determining factor is whether the event is for-profit or non-profit), for a 50% discount on the Category 2 user rate for private use of campus facilities. These users may in addition be responsible for any direct expenses or associated costs in the operation of the facility. Exceptions to this policy include the Vieve Gore Concert Hall and Tanner Atrium in the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory. Because of high demand, these spaces are available to faculty, staff, students and alumni at the Category 2 rate with no further discount.

The Auxiliary and Conference Services Office will be responsible for invoicing and collecting deposits and final payments for facilities rental charges.

Events may be sponsored by a college administrative, academic or student unit, not by an individual. Sponsorship includes being actively involved in the event, ensuring compliance with college policies and procedures, maintaining the event’s progress and assuming overall responsibility for the event’s success. Sponsoring organizations may include the following:

  • Schools or departments of the college.
  • Organized faculty or staff bodies (e.g. Diversity Council, Faculty Senate)
  • Officially recognized student organizations.
  • Academic and/or administrative committees consisting substantially of persons conducting college business.

Food and Beverage

Food, beverage and catering services may be obtained through the college’s recognized food service provider. The college’s food service provider has exclusive domain over food service activity in the Shaw Student Center and is extended the right of first refusal for all other college facilities except in the case where food and beverages are donated for an event.


All members of the college community, lessees of college facilities and guests are required to comply with federal, state and local laws regarding the possession, consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Organizations or individuals desiring to serve alcoholic beverages at their function must submit an Alcohol Authorization Form to the Westminster College Office of Risk Management.


Category 2 and 3 users may be required to provide the college with a certificate of general liability insurance not less than $1,000,000 per incident, depending on the nature of the activity and at the college’s discretion. This certificate must name the college as additional insured and specify the date(s) of the covered event.

Use of College Name/Image

The use of the name Westminster College, for purposes other than to indicate the location of the event, must be approved in advance by the Office of Communications. Use of the college’s seals, logos, photos or other identifying characteristics must be approved in advance by the Office of Communications. Permission to use the college’s name or images, when granted, shall include the understanding that such permission does not involve, either expressly or by implication, any endorsement or sponsor relationship with the college. In cases where a sponsor relationship between the college and the organization does exist, this relationship shall be clearly set forth in all applicable documentation.

Filming and Photography

Requests for the use of campus space for the purposes of filming or photography requires joint approval by both the Office of Communications (801.832.2682) and Office of Auxiliary and Conference Services (801.832.2900). Such activity must be in compliance with the college’s Filming and Photography Policies.

Scheduling Authority

The Office of the Registrar maintains the schedule of all classroom activity connected with Westminster College academic programs and has first priority with regard to Westminster College space.

The Office of Auxiliary, Conference and Event Services Campus Scheduling division has authority for scheduling use of most Westminster College facilities not related to regularly scheduled classes. In addition to non-academic use of all classrooms, auditoriums, conference and small meeting room space (e.g. Howa Conference Room, Gore 131) the Auxiliary, Conference and Event Services Office is the primary vehicle for scheduling use of the following facilities:

  • Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory/Jewett Center spaces- Vieve Gore Concert Hall, Jay Lees “Courage” Theater, Dumke Student “Black Box” Theater, Tanner Atrium, Richer Alcove
  • Gore School of Business spaces- Gore Auditorium and foyer, Gore Atrium
  • Shaw Center- Howa Conference Room, Syme Lounge, Tanner Plaza, Dining Hall (must also clear with Student Life Office)
  • Health Wellness and Athletic Center- Special Events Room

Use of the following facilities must be scheduled and approved by the following administrative offices or college departments:

President’s Office- Alonzo Watson Board Room, Tower Reading Room (Giovale Library)

Gore School of Business- Gore Executive Conference Room, Center for Financial Analysis

Fitness, Wellness and Recreation and Athletic Departments: All campus recreational space, including Payne Gymnasium and Studio, outdoor Bouldering Wall/Sport Court, Dumke Athletic Field and all Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center spaces (Aquatics Center, Climbing Wall, Field house and Multi-Purpose Court) with the exception of the aforementioned Special Events Room.

School of Nursing and Health Science- All Nursing school space in the Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center.

Adamson Alumni House- Conference and Event Services schedules all use of the new Adamson Alumni House conference spaces: the Great Hall, Parlor, Upper and Lower Conference Rooms.

* Use of Adamson Alumni House spaces is open to Westminster alumni, faculty, staff and students only.

* Priority for use of the Adamson House Great Hall will follow this order:

  • Internal and educational purposes to benefit alumni and students
  • Use by Westminster alumni for business
  • Use by alumni for private gatherings, subject to applicable rates

Space Request Priority and Resolution of Scheduling Conflicts

Requests for college space will be considered on a first-request basis subject to the need of the facility for higher priority college use.

  1. Priority is extended to internal campus events over external.
  2. Priority is extended to events that are the appropriate size and scope for the requested space.
  3. Priority is extended to events that are consistent with the intent and design of the space (e.g. concert activity in Vieve Gore Concert Hall or theater activity in Dumke Student Theater).
  4. Priority is extended to events that are scheduled and planned with the most advance lead time.
  5. Priority is extended to repeat external clients over newer inquiries.

All other matters being equal, resolution of scheduling conflicts may include:

  1. Determining which events can be rescheduled.
  2. Determining which events have the option of relocating and can succeed in alternative venues.
  3. Determining which events can best be supported by existing staff and material support levels.

In the event that the Auxiliary, Conference and Event Services Office feels it must deny a request for use of campus facilities, the Director will document the reason for such denial with the Executive Vice President.


Events/activities may not block or impede hallway or emergency exits or the free flow of intended building or campus traffic.

The number of participants for an event cannot exceed room or facility capacities as established by the college fire marshal.

The use of college facilities for personal or private events such as weddings, family reunions, funerals or memorial services is a privilege reserved solely for faculty, staff, alumni, trustees and benefactors of the college and requires approval of the appropriate college authority.

The scheduling of events on days when the college is closed for officially recognized academic or federal holidays is prohibited.

The college has absolute preemptive priority over individuals or organizations and reserves the right to cancel, postpone or alter facility reservations for any event when necessary.

Facilities use policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.