School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences offers over 30 academic programs that empower you to explore different ways of understanding our changing world.

Westminster College values diversity in programs, faculty, and students because innovation arises when people of different backgrounds and identities work together. In this innovative learning environment, you collaborate with faculty and peers to develop new ideas rather than passively absorb information.

In addition to providing a full range of traditional majors, the School of Arts and Sciences offers a customized major program that allows you the flexibility to define your own academic interests and paths of study.

“Committing myself to Westminster College’s English program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being a part of this program means being a member of a close-knit family that pushes me, while still aiming me in the right direction to be successful. This is exceptionally important for me as a student-athlete because I spend a lot of time in the gym or traveling to other states to represent Westminster through my athletics. Because of the English department, I have become a stronger woman, a better student, and a member of an extraordinarily strong group of advocates, mentors, teachers, and scholars who will inspire me throughout the rest of my academic career and future endeavors.”

Reilly Cronyn, English

The Blend of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences faculty serve as mentors and coaches who help you define your life goals, take charge of your education, and develop skills to make change in the world.

School of Arts and Sciences faculty encourage you to address complex problems by integrating analytical tools and creative insights from the STEM disciplines, the humanities, and the fine and performing arts.

Through experiential learning, community engagement, hands-on research, internships, and other challenging educational opportunities, the School of Arts and Sciences prepares you and your peers to become life-long learners, critical thinkers, and engaged citizens.

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