Competency-Based Learning

Professional and Continuing Education

At Westminster College, we offer a variety of online certificate and degree programs that are designed with the specific needs of working professionals in mind. These programs offer you the all the benefits of Westminster education—high-quality, relevant curriculum and face-to-face interactions with faculty and follow learners—together with the flexibility and convenience of an online program. Our programs engage you in real-world projects and assignments that integrate with your workplace responsibilities and career aspirations—and they are fully customizable to your interests.

Trainings and Resources

The Leadership Certificate program is built for companies and executive cohorts and features a total of ten, two-day-long courses focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: pre-work, practice in real-world activities, and application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants individually.

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Westminster College can help meet your professional development needs in several ways.

The Leadership Certificate Program is available as an exclusive program for your company. That means we customize the approach and projects for your business, industry, and customer. Courses can be offered on-campus or on-site at your company.

Westminster's rich expertise means we can create specific custom programs for your immediate needs, for developing leadership, marketing, and management within the business and communication fields. Westminster's flexibility allows us to work around your company's busy schedule and accommodate to your locale needs. Let us come to your location to teach.

Additionally, we now offer Innovation Lab where our faculty coaches help foster the learning skills and tools for the company's head employers to help their employees with future growth and visionary opportunities for the company.

Due to our engaged, online, project-based programs, Westminster is able to customize educational packages for some of our major corporate clients with our full-time faculty experts from various fields. These packages can be as simple as offering leadership courses for some of your best employees to a fully customized master's or bachelor's degree. We want to help your business and employees get to the next level.

Some examples of current and past clients include major corporations such as Arnold Machinery, Discover Card, and O.C. Tanner. Each relationship was fully unique to what each organization wanted for its employees.

For example, Westminster partnered with Discover Card to deliver a customized degree-completion program. Due to Discover's employees' past experience, they have been highly successful at earning Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits to accelerate their pathway to degree completion within the BBA program.

Additionally, Discover has customized individual corporate training, as well as the Leadership Certificate Program. Westminster's LCP program has also been successful with other major corporations such as Arnold Machinery, Fusion I/O, and Mountain America Credit Union.

Additionally, we have developed an innovation lab with Phillips Edison & Company (PECO).

The sky is truly the limit. Think of our academic catalog as a menu rather than a requirement. What can we help you accomplish?

The Center for Innovative Learning is the administrative arm of competency-based education at Westminster. The center is dedicated to providing adult learners with learning opportunities that are both relevant and accessible, as well as providing exemplary customer service. This dedication is applied in equal measure to new program development, and the facilitation of corporate training relationships and existing programs.

Center Priorities
  • Provide a clear identity for competency-based (CBE) programs internally and externally
  • Ensure quality programming and effective delivery for all project-based, CBE programs
  • Lower barriers for non-traditional students to access Westminster degree programs
  • Increase enrollment in CBE programs and certificate program(s)
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with corporate clients and institutions that create a funnel into Westminster degree programs
  • Provide a one-stop shop in support services for all low residency students (specifically targeting adult learners and other non-traditional students)

What Makes Westminster's Online Programs different?


Westminster's online professional programs are competency-based. Simply stated, competency-based education is an approach to curriculum development that is based on a predetermined set of knowledge, skills, and abilities—competencies—that the student is expected to accomplish before progressing. Westminster's competency-based programs go a step beyond by combining that principle with our commitment to academic excellence centered on the student.


Many of Westminster's competency-based programs are also project-based. This means you'll learn by putting theory into practice in a real-world environment—giving you understanding that goes far beyond memorized facts to internalized knowledge and expertise. You'll do more than get 'A's and 'B's, you'll become an expert in the skill sets you need to build your future.


Westminster's competency-based programs offer one-on-one faculty mentoring to guide you through your learning experience. Westminster faculty are experts in their fields and they will be your educational tour guides—their mission is your success. Mentors guide your learning process, offer support, and evaluate your progress. They will ensure that you master every competency at the highest level and that you graduate an expert, ready to move up in your desired career path.


Westminster's competency-based programs are centered on the student and offer an education that is personalized for you, your goals, and your interests. Your mentor will help you tailor your projects to your personal learning goals and help you meet the competencies of each project. They will encourage you to dive deep and explore beyond the curriculum to build the knowledge most relevant to you and your career aspirations.

Advantages of Competency-Based Education

Research clearly shows that active learning-by-doing produces knowledge that is deeper, richer, and retained at higher levels than learning delivered simply through lectures and reading. The same is true for professional development.

Most educational and professional development programs emphasize lectures and theories. At Westminster, we go beyond the theoretical approach and coach participants to master needed skills through experiential learning and projects tailored to their organization.

So rather than being inspired briefly at a conference, only to have that excitement dissipate back in the office, students in Westminster's competency-based programs practice what they learn, thereby building expertise. Our projects tie directly to the market realities of your company and industry so participants can apply what they learn immediately and develop the abilities and knowledge they need to impact their organization's bottom line.

At Westminster College, competency-based education engages you in real-world projects and assignments that integrate with your workplace responsibilities and career aspirations—you'll learn-by-doing.

Rather than lectures and rote learning, you are given hands-on projects that provide you with the skills and expertise you need to be successful. This hands-on learning is supported by mentors from Westminster's faculty, and expert practitioners who assure that you understand the principles of each course or seminar—and master the pre-determined learning goals, or competencies.