Westminster College

Est. 1875 / Salt Lake City, Utah

Westminster student in the snow
Alex, class of 2019

You Belong Here

You are someone who is always looking to get more out of life, who yearns for the freedom to explore. You want your college experience to be someplace where you matter. Where your education isn’t just about landing your first job, it’s about starting a meaningful life.

President listening to students' stories in Bassis
Diwas and Kelsey, class of 2019, with President Dobkin

Discover Diverse Thinking

At Westminster College, your journey starts the day you enroll. No matter where you come from or what your background is, what binds you and every other Westminster student together is the desire to live a life of consequence.

Jazmin in greenary
Jazmin, class of 2019

Find Yourself Here

A liberal arts education at Westminster is more than just learning in order to earn a degree—it’s about learning to lead a successful and impactful life. Whatever your major, you will learn broadly and deeply, studying across disciplines to liberate your mind to its fullest potential.


Real students. Real stories. On the regular.

Life After Westminster

Your meaningful life only gets better as an alum. For the rest of your life, you'll have access to a deep and diverse network of faculty and fellow graduates. Explore the stories of some recent alum.

Jess Westminster Alumni

Meet Jess Roadman

Advocate. Womxn. Westminster alum.

Jess (MACL ’17) is passionate about connecting the powerful with the marginalized—helping those left out of the conversation to be heard. Short term, she is connecting Utah policy makers with those most impacted by their policies. Jess also works in community outreach, but her favorite part of her job is working with impoverished womxn in the community to examine issues they face in trying to find success and ways in which they can initiate conversations with those who hold power. Jess’s advocacy perfectly aligns with her adjunct teaching at Westminster. Her students inspire her to use her voice even when it isn’t easy—she refuses to be ignored. 

Amram Westminster Alumni

Meet Amram Musungu

Kenyan. Presidential Candidate. Westminster alum.

Amram (’07, MAcc ’16) came to the US from Kenya with $50 and a dream of a college education. Back home, he was laughed at when he mentioned his dream, but he was determined to get a diploma. He began at the LDS Business College in 1998, then transferred to the University of Utah, but Westminster was where he ultimately belonged and where he finished his academic career. While his professional title is an auditor, Amram runs a nonprofit organization for individuals infected with HIV/AIDS, translates Swahili, participates in community outreach, and ran for the presidency in Kenya in 2017.  

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